Our Patients: Healthy and Recovering!

Here is a look at our Healthy patients and some Before & After Pictures. If you'd like to add your story, please email us at [email protected]


  • After a rough start, Boomerang grew into a healthy talented girl!


  • After Jack became a gelding, he was able to enjoy life with the herd without the complications of love.


  • Surgical removal and additional therapies of cancerous masses can turn out well, please call. We can help your horse too!


  • Fixing lacerations early results in a comfortable horse and a minimal scar.



  • After veterinary care, a lot of hard work and TLC from Spring Lane Farm, rescued Temblor has healed and looks great!


  • After treatment, Chief was able to keep his eye and vision! A true success!!!


  • After surgical removal of a cancerous mass Goldie is a much happier girl and her family can enjoy her for a long time.  


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Dr. Katie...not enough good words. They have been so responsive and supportive as we go through a very scary time with our horse. Thank you for your encouragement, help and guidance! We appreciate you!"
    Erica Candlish A.